Hype About Page Rank

Yes, it seems that suddenly the Page Rank thing has affected a lot of people, and some are hitting it back at google. Yes, during those times it was seen as if you have lower page rank, your site visits will falter. Thus it was a very important issue back then.

Seriously with all the recent updates on Google Page Rank, it’s also pretty reassuring that visitors don’t drop because your Page Rank dropped, more over it seems to rise due to the ever increasing attention about this Page Rank calamity.

What have the Page Rank done to me?

It might seem that I am currently at a negative end, with my Page Rank still at a N/A stage while my other blog only merely obtaining PR2 from a PR3 downgrade. Well, it sure is a pity if you’re still doing paid post and yes I do feel a bit sad that I have just a few mere opportunities to grab for the low PR.

Well, considering though, this have brought me to talk more on the internet hype and understanding. Though I also sensed that in all due aspect, because of this recent Page Rank update, I am doing more research on the Internet regarding this issue. Reading JohnChow.com on the issue has made me understand more too.

So where do I go from now?

Some might have noticed, I took out WidgetBucks from my site due to the hidden link behind the Flash animation. If you don’t believe me, try checking out google for WidgetBucks. Some site speculated that it happened because of the WidgetBuck TOS requiring users to link to them. Hmm… a wonder.

Well, I’ve been writing serious topics for awhile. Maybe in a few other topics, I will go back to my travel logs as I will be traveling again this weekend. Happy weekends then and have fun!

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