I Definitely Missed Travel in Perth

I really missed being in Perth. The place where I met with my godsister, a friend and also a shouter. Well, I am still saving up for a trip back there, and maybe thinking of finding a holiday and if the opportunity is given, go there to study. The problem now is finding flights to Australia is also pretty darn expensive.

Well, in all these, I missed camwhoring in Kingspark too. Ho ho ho… didn’t get to take much picture previously as I just bought my camera. Well, though it doesn’t mean it’s still not possible to do that again this year. I know I have other holiday destinations like Mount Kinabalu and Bali coming up, but maybe due to the serenity of the place in Perth, that’s what made me wanna go back there again. Well, in case you haven’t seen any photos yet, here are some pictures from the previous trips.

tumbulgum farm

Tumbulgum Farm


Kingspark Botanical Garden

Those who knows me, how about a trip to Australia sometime this Spring eh?

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