Perth IV – Finale

Daniel Chew at Caversham Wildlife Park

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Looks like another final installment. Yes!!! There are still people who can’t get enough of it. So… here’s the final post. Who wanted to see the Tazmanian Devil. Hmm.. too bad I can’t get a close shot of it. Need a VR 200mm lens. So I need sponsors.


Yes!!! For those that thought the Tazmanian Devil was extinct, it’s not alright. They are still here and yes, looks like a dog to me. But only fiercer and yes…. they are fierce ok. The only picture I can get, I seriously need a zoom lense. Don’t blame me for getting a lousy shot. It’s too far away I agree. Anyway it was a bit rush but look at the next photo

Carrying a Wombat

LOL… This is a big big creature. Which actually is a rodent that lives underground and it’s super tame. Yes… the Wombat is really cute it loves to hug it’s keeper. Wombat Wombat Wombat!! I should create my logo based on Wombat. Feels nice. haha..


What the??? An emu this close? Haha… I think this is more common to be seen elsewhere, but then I don’t want this Emu to be left out.

So you’ve seen some of the wildlife, yes, the Tazmanian Devil is finally revealed. Though it doesn’t laugh like a hyena. All this makes me hungry. I should seriously eat. Must camwhore a little bit ok. No one misses me at all???


Oh yeah… I realized I can still do the peace sign pose. It’s rare to shoot this kind of photo since a very long time. Got this shot from one of my colleagues. Oh… I just have to end this post once again, with a pose that some people are bound to ask, why you so lansi. Haha!! I can’t help it ok, I love to act serious and cool.


Haha!!! I know I know, you are so gonna kill me right? Everyone’s so carefree while I look the pose to be “lan si”(Arrogant and cool, for those needed English translation). So this is indeed the final fixture of my Perth entry. Though I can continue to post more about it, if there was a request made. So anymore Australia photos you need to see, do comment here. If the responses are not much, then I consider this the final post for Perth. Besides don’t wanna bore you all for looking at shots that aren’t interesting right? 😛

So danielctw signing off now. It’s 3:27am…


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