How I Used to Posed

Reminder : This post is meant to be entertaining and a bit more about the blogger behind this blog. This blogger would not be responsible if you fall sick after reading this beautiful post.

Remember when we were all young, we all love to pose in front of the cameras. Then later it developed into something we called self obsessed with one’s self that the term camwhore was created. Well, not to mention that it was through another blogger, DanielCtw learnt how to camwhore only to stop after being bored of it and upgrading his camera gear.

Those days of camwhoring are so long gone. Well, that doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with camwhoring, but but but… I felt that it doesn’t serve the justice for a DSLR to be camwhoring. Kinda defeats the purpose of owning one.

I agreed I am at times guilty of this phenomenon, but what do you expect when everyone’s doing it at one time. So after that, DanielCtw started doing something different. He started doing weird weird poses, weird weird but cool poses which not many people do, those that tried to do don’t have that weird flavor. At times he thought what does he need to do to impress, that he thinks so hard, he decided to pose as a thinker.

Though at times, you see that most of my photos are without a smile as the blogger DanielCtw don’t really know how to smile in front of a camera except striking a pose or something out of the blue. The reason is because he’s shy.

Huh? Well, most will know that it shouldn’t be, but in reality he’s a shy kind of guy. Only that certain reason he’s decided to come out of his shell. Well, since blogging is where you come out from your shell. Guessed he just need to monkey around at times. To let go of all the stress of being the blogger here who write weird stuffs like these on his blog. Where can you find someone who writes stuff like these talking about himself and doing weird stuffs.

If you’re here, definitely you’re reading Weird Weird Denial and we all just want to have fun. Posts are never meant to be so serious. It’s meant to be fun. Some people has lost that reason to blog after being succumb to money. Guessed DanielCtw had also been there once, now it’s time to rediscover himself once more. So what else should the blogger do? This time the choice is given to the readers. More weird stuffs, photo stuffs, food stuffs or just word stuffs? Asked this before and readers don’t mind any posts. But an opinion is always good to hear.


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