Beautiful Figure

Sometimes people take so much pain to be beautiful that they don’t mind going to the extreme to achieve something. I say it’s bound to happen when one wants to be beautiful or pretty. It’s the same almost everywhere too. Likewise, we all should be proud of ourselves for what we achieve. What I meant is that, be it we’re thin, muscular, fat, chubby, we should appreciate ourselves. We all want to be as beautiful figure as well.

Many people felt demoralized when they heard people calling them fat or too thin (well some find the too thin calling as a compliment though). Well, don’t be. You should be high in morale instead as it’s a motivation to improve oneself further. Imagine if no one call u thin or fat, then you’ll be just off your way thinking that I am perfectly alright. Ok, people call me thin and guess what I did, I am trying to gain weight as much as possible. But I don’t want to gain fats, I wanna gain muscle mass. That’s the way.. a-hah a-hah.

But there are certain people who thinks nothing about it and just ignore the remarks of people. These people are what we call as lazy. Well, I’ll be harsh but then it’s what it is. You’re thin, but you think yourself as perfect and don’t bother others. Either you’re one egoistic person or you just can’t lose or rather you have thick skin. Must be hard being working under you if you were the boss of a company.

I guessed I have very limited time to put any pictures on this post as I am still in the office right now. Tonight, there will be pictures of my previous trips and food hunting session.

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