First Fun Christmas in Singapore

So I reached Singapore. Yes. This is my Christmas in Singapore celebration 2010. Well, sort of.

Ang Mo Kio MRT Station

The night was young. It was 24th December 2010. Time to take the MRT station to Orchard Road, the place where all the Christmas happenings in this city.

Ion Orchard

The place I got down was in Orchard (duh…) and then we walked in Ion Orchard plaza. Beautiful place. One fact though, I have been to Singapore many times in my life, but I’ve never been to Orchard Road. Reason: I am not a shopping kind of person. I am a boring kind of person. I love to stay at home. Actually in fact, I go to Singapore most of the time to visit my relatives instead.

Night Christmas in Singapore

Berry Drink

Since it’s a Christmas occasion, there are bound to be some promotion going on. So got ourselves a Berry Drink on that night. Superb drink.

Orchard Road Christmas in Singapore

Time to go out from the shopping mall and head out to the open road. The famous Orchard Road. Greeted by the banner once on the way outside. For someone like me, who doesn’t fancy crowds and the pushing and moving around people, I felt awkward. Maybe it’s the way I am and maybe that’s why I usually avoid going to public places. Though this could be once in a lifetime event for me. Who knows what will happen in the future?

Back to the point. Met a guy who was giving free sweets and chocolates.

Chistmas Cool Dude

At first no one dared to move. No one dared to do anything. Once I took the candies, I see certain people taking a few candies from him and knowingly the ‘Kiasu‘ culture initiated. No one wanted to be left out.

Christmas Atria Singapore 2010

The night lights were a lot to be awed at all the time during Christmas in Singapore. Though, this was expected. Sometimes I don’t know what to capture with my camera when there’s like so many people around.

Crowded Orchard Road

Since I didn’t bring myself a tripod, just have to make do with my steady hands and just look at the crowd. Why oh why does it have to be crowded at Orchard Road? I still don’t get it.

Takashimaya Orchard Road Christmas

Of course, some people are bound to recognize the Takashimaya Shopping Center. A famous shopping center in Singapore and Chanel and Louis Vuitton are definitely there. A place where most girls seem to like to go no matter poor, rich, etc… (even for those that can’t afford. Still don’t understand why).

As always, when it’s a celebration, there is bound to be crazy people all around. I am not against the celebration but I am not in the mood of getting sprayed at too. People armed with spray canisters and aerosol foam spray are what I would love to avoid. The clock struck 12am and off everyone of these people start spraying people. Girls are usually their targets.

Snow Spray Orchard Road

For me, a definite thing to avoid. I even witnessed a photographer capturing the scene only for his camera to be sprayed at directly towards the lens. PAIN~~~~ Imagine the aerosol around the lens. *cringes in pain*

All in all, there is time to take some photos too.

Edit: Photo taken out due to the unattractiveness it shows until I find a better one.

This photo doesn’t actually justify how we look like. Yes, shot with an ultra wide angle lens, our bodies are both distorted. The only decent shot though. Other shots are not for release in the public.

Bible Verse Orchard Road

As always, Christmas is a mark of celebration of the Lord Jesus Christ’s birthday. Well not exactly on this time of year 2000+ years ago, but it’s just to commemorate the time when he was born on Earth. Some people got confused with the whole lot Christian thing and then they decided that it was on that day he was born which has absolutely no truth in it.

Finally we decided that we had enough in Orchard Road for the night and it was time to go. Seriously, finally I could get away from all the spraying and the crazy people there. I might be weird but I ain’t that crazy.

Day Time Christmas in Singapore

Day 2. Time for some sightseeing once more.

Ag Mo Kio Hub Christmas Decoration

Took the bus to Ang Mo Kio Hub. Well, time for some photoshooting minus the crowd. Now finally, no crowd to push me around and to fight my way through the crowd like what was done the day before in Orchard Road. As always, there would be decorations at most places and Ang Mo Kio Hub has got itself a nice decoration posted outside their entrance.

Candy Shop

There I met a princess in front of the Candy Shop.

Princess Bakery

Also a princess at the Bakery Shop.

Finally time to bid the princess farewell (pun intended) and to move on to another place.

Watermill Singapore

A giant watermill in a shopping complex?

Our next stop is by MRT and this time towards City Hall.

Walking Towards Hanging Gardens Singapore

Oh my, look at the princess. She’s here too, walking towards the Hanging Gardens. Time for me to stalk follow her. Wonder where is she going to during this Christmas in Singapore?

Singapore Post Box

Along the way, I noticed a superbly colorful post box around that area. Wonders how come they have superbly nice colored post box here compared to the ones at my housing area.

Walking on and on, it was time to stop at a certain area. The Merlion figure.

Mini Merlion

Oh… that’s the mini one. But it’s good enough to take a photo with the princess.

Merlion DanielCtw and Yen

The Merlion is just a background. The main focus is the couple of me and dear dear Yen. Ahemz….

Of course I wanted to a photo of myself with the Merlion. But see what happened??

Weird One Merlion

Things doesn’t feel the same and I have that weird funny looking face. FAIL!!!

Giant Merlion

The Merlion in comparison with us humans. We’re midgets standing beside the Merlion.

Hippo River Cruise Ferris Wheel

There is a river cruise along the way though. Not too far away from the Merlion spitting out water from it’s mouth.

Cute Yen and Merlion

Of course the Merlion is pretty harmless. This picture of bb Yen though is cute.

I had enough, I decided that even though the UWA (Ultra Wide Angle) lens has got it’s usage around scenery and buildings, I still love the sharpness of my Nikkor 50mm f/1.4D prime lens.

Yen n Merlion Background

Ahhhh… I can look at this photo over and over and couldn’t get enough of it. My dear Yen looks stunning here. I should create a giant poster out of it.

Day 2 Christmas in Singapore

Mind you, there was actually a crowd of people here too but not as many the time in Orchard Road though. It was getting rather late now and it was time for the next stop. Well, time was approaching 530pm and dinner was what we had in mind. What did we have?

Prawns for Dinner

Drools….. until the next post. Damn… I am getting hungry just looking at this picture.


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