Snowing in Malaysia

Do you wish that one day you can actually see snow in other parts of the world where there isn’t snow at all? What I meant by that is natural snow caused by the weather. Now imagine Malaysia, the country I live in and it snows. Bet that lots of people would be wow… it’s snowing wheee~~~~ but then, if you were to think it further and carefully doesn’t it mean something like this

Oh SHIT!!! It’s snowing. Something is happening. #2012

This is some thing I thought up but yes, nowadays when there is something out of the extraordinary we twit about it with the hashtag #2012 and it became viral to a few people. All credits to Satkuru who started this for me. If you haven’t followed my twitter, here’s the page

The latest entry by Satkuru complaining about his facebook thingy.

RT @hongaun: My facebook interface keep on changing (switching between old and new one) what’s going on??? #facebook #2012

Somehow I got a feeling that someone’s name almost same with me I just had to do this

OMG almost same name RT @bryanhoo @danielctw his name is danieltwc. similar with u. that’s why i confuse haha #2012

So let’s go back to snow in Malaysia. Apparently people wanted snow to drop in Malaysia that some shopping complex in Kuala Lumpur is doing just that for the public. For instance Pavilion shopping mall. There’s snow.


Snow In Malaysia Pavilion

Oh my snow in Malaysia at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Snow In Pavilion Malaysia

The people are panicking NOT.

Snow turned out to be bubble foam. Really really weird people. Why in a crowd waiting for snowy FOAMS. Seriously this could be tag as #2012.


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