Few WordPress Tweaks

Yes, some of you might have wondered, what happened to my previous theme. Well, for Firefox users, I guessed there won’t be a problem viewing it, but thanks to Ichitaka for pointing out that when the blog is viewed using Internet Explorer, it went haywire. Yes, all my alignments run here and there. It’s all happening to my WordPress blog. It’s like weirder than weird!!

So as of meantime, I am currently *spoilers* modifying a new wordpress theme while I currently use this theme for my blog. Yes, some of you who are programming freaks might noticed I have added some stuffs or rather some of you who are SEO friendly would know that I have tweak a few stuffs.

What did I Tweak?

Single Post
So what did I tweak, yes, it’s the single post. Now it just shows the title of the post only without additional add-ons. So let’s say Nuffnang the Booze just shows Nuffnang the Booze instead of Nuffnang the Booze ยป Weird Weird Denial. Well, this one pretty easy if you try to read the codes.

Comments Add-ons
Well, another thing which I tweaked about now are the mybloglog functionalities on the comments. Though at first I had trouble with the comments alignment that I have to make do with the table to help organized it. So now if you want your picture or avatar to appear beside your comments, sign up for MyBlogLog.

Meta Tags
Yes, though Google doesn’t search for meta tags, other search engines still uses the Meta tags to enhance search engines relevance for searching. Who wouldn’t want that extra traffic. Yes, now I have added extra tags for easier searching based on the single post, Archived post and main page. Well, if you need clarification on this, just email me. This might help with your wordpress themes.

What’s Next After This?

OK! So now you’ve seen what I did which really aren’t not that visible to the eyes, but if you’re trying to make it SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly, learn a thing or two. By the way, I will be starting a new blog just for these issues. So these are actually just a preview. So if you’re interested to learn more, be sure to stay tune here. Who knows other than wordpress blogs, I’ll try make another one for blogspot.

Adios and I have to get back to work. ๐Ÿ™‚

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