Fully Attracted! What’s Next?

OK, now this is the continuation of the How Attractive Are You? Well, this is more to another case study on it. So now you are attracted to each other, what will be the next step? After analyzing some of the responses, I noticed that the ladies are more into how one felt and the chemistry between the both of them. Well, actually my question that time was kinda simple, what makes one to attract!

Shocking Announcement

Though I was amazed that there were thoughts by the guys. He he he… well, it’s kinda of a nice feeling to have both parties of the opposite sex saying what they meant! Kudos…

Naruto and Hinata Attracted to Each Other

By the way, thank you all whom have participated in the previous debacle. But let’s get down to more serious business! Now you have finally gotten someone to get attracted to you! This is where the chemistry starts! Next, is to either keep the chemistry rolling or just to wait for the chemical reaction to die off.

Now I am Attracted to This Debacle

So what comes next? Though not everyone admits it, $$$ does play an important role for a steady relationship. Why? Cause if you have no $$$, it’s hard to sustain oneself in the coming future? Let me put out a simple scenario!

Boy met Girl for the first time. Both felt that they have so much in common. They have the ‘chemistry‘. Then Boy suddenly felt it’s time for them to move forward to the next step of their relationship. Problem is they can hardly sustain themselves as they are financially not stable. But then Boy carries on and gets married to Girl.

Does the story end here?

Nope. I will continue on. Boy and Girl are now both happily married but it seems that Boy has been lazying around and just let bygones be bygones. Girl so wanted a baby, but because of financial constraint, it won’t be practical. Yes I meant PRACTICAL! In a relationship, one does not just go for feelings only. One also needs to be practical. By the way, emotional and practicality works together, you don’t go emotional or express your emotional love without doing something practical right?

Well, that’s my sort of thought! I don’t know, I just have this revelation to write and conjure this up! My mind just thinks some stuffs and then I feel that I need to share this thoughts of mine. Don’t you think it’s practical? Well, especially if one is living in a town area. Though this might not apply to certain people as they have the help of the ruling party.

The Practicality vs Emotions Summary

So the important question is after you are attracted to each another and then you get all the fuzzy feeling and got yourself hitched. Practicality and Emotions now felt like it comes with pair.

What Do You Think?

I just need your thoughts! I know this write up is long, but it sure hits one hard on the head! Not every time I get to question my readers okay! He he he…. Till then, the next post would be of a lighter note and it might be on travels which would dwell more on photos.

If you need more thoughts from the web, here is one which actually highlighted that practicality differs from emotion.

Emotional spouse vs a practical spouse! Interestingly opposite!

Indeed a different point of view which would actually meant that emotions should or should not come together with practicality. That is how I see this but in this world, I guessed I still stand that practicality should actually come into play when you are getting serious.


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