It was a cold and stormy night 2

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“what in damnation is that stupid sound…argh….. then suddenly something swept right thru his face. It’s sort of slimy. The minute he looked back nothing was there. O.o
“OK, tat’s weird!”

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louyea thought he was looking at some sort of a gimmick which youngbrat used to play it on him.
“What the heck is that freaking sound???”

“cit cit cit cit”
“cit cit cit cit”

“Stop it!!! Noooo…..”

The out came another swipe from the left side of louyea‘s face. This is unbecoming. As expected, when louyea turned his face towards that direction everything was peace and quiet again! Oh crap, GHOST???

“cit cit cit”

Then suddenly from nowhere the shadowy figure appeared hidden partly amongst the pathway behind the light. louyea was pissing in his pants.

“What the heck are you?? Don’t hurt me”

The shadowy figure appeared and suddenly it voiced out it’s trademark!

“cit cit cit cit cit CITTTTTTTTTT”
“Akulah Cicakman!”
translation : I am LizardMan!!


ps : Please don’t kill me for this lame story!!

SHould I continue or not??

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