The Funny Guy Name AceOne

AceOne, famous for his antics in creating jokes is gonna get his share of the joke. One day while sitting in front of his lappie surfing porn.
“Aiyoh, why the line down one…What The Crap?? $%^$&^#$%#@”

Knock! Knock!
“Who’s there?”

No answer came from the other side of the door. Ignoring it for maybe some kids playing around his house, he decided to go back to surfing porn. Then he heard it again.

Knock! Knock! Knock!
This time there are three knocks.. “OK, Who’s there? Don’t play games with me ya!! Funny thing is the knock seems to be getting louder. But still no answer.
“WTF, want play with me meh, shoo shoo!!”

Then he went over to the door and look thru the peephole. “Aiyoh! No one here also wei, what is this la!!, dun play games la!”
Then thinkin thruly, “I guess I imagining things gua, too much of staring at the pc.”

While walking back to his daily chores(porn!!), he noticed as if there’s some groan coming from the other side of the door. Like those squeeking sound. Then some wood being carved as if scratch by nails. Then the ultimate, the knock comes back again.

KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! “Oh shit, this is crap, really black today, so early also got ‘thing’ want kacau me meh? Really ‘cheh’ la today!!” Realising this he went to his cupboard there and hid inside there praying. “Please spare me!!”

Still the knock on the door didn’t stop. It kept goin louder and louder. Till then suddenly it stopped.
He waited for awhile, then thought, “fuuh, I guessed it’s over!! Thank you, thank you!” Sensing that it’s now safe, he decided to check outside to see the damage made or maybe something there.



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