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Squeeky Deer

You know you’ve been to the zoo and realised that sometimes certain shots are so authentic and so the sudden that if you are there at the right time and place you’ll get a perfect shot that you will be proud of yourself. These ...Read More

Together We Stand

Together we stand, together we pose, but unlike your everyday pose, why not the bottle pose for themselves. Yes, having all the bottles gathered together is what makes this shot perfect for this week’s Photo Hunt. Well, I see that you’re having doubts eh, ...Read More

Long Long Shutter

I was playing around with the camera when I was in Port Dickson, and I decided to see what will happen if I exposed the photo very very long and the subject is standing still for a very long time. Yes 30 seconds to ...Read More

Port Dickson PhotoShooter

This name is misleading. It should be Port Dickson random photoshoots of people there who took part in the BBQ. But then who will bother reading a longer title. So instead of just babbling, here are the few people there. Won’t be mentioning names, ...Read More