Photoshoot in Cameron Highlands

Good day to you people, while you are all watching the latest Olympics and for those that are from Malaysia, remember that tonight is Lee Chong Wei‘s badminton match brought to you life from Beijing on Astro. Well, I think the local TV is going to air it live too.

Seems like many people are ranking for the keyword Beijing Olympics 2008 but looks like I won’t be talking more of the Olympics instead. Well, maybe I will do that at a later time after the badminton match.

If you’ve noticed, I have been gone for awhile the previous few weekends to pursue my side career as a photographer. Well, a wedding photography session to be exact.

Me and my co photographer went to Cameron Highlands to take shots for the album. Of course though, without prior consent from the couple, there won’t be any photographs of them here. Some sneak peaks will be released in the coming future. So instead there will be pictures of the photographer themselves. LOL

Flower Like Cherries

Being in Cameron Highlands is like escaping the busy urban city, and the air here is fresh and not as hazy as the air in Kuala Lumpur. So snap snap snap all the way, those that deem fit to be taken. Of course if one is to go to Cameron Highlands, I am sure some would have heard of Boh Tea plantation. Now that’s where we’re headed. Unfortunately for us though, we went on a Monday and found out it was close. But after a chance encounter with the Manager there, we have permission to drive in and proceed to take photos.

Boh Tea Plantation

The cloud was not showing a good sign but I must say the weather was fair to us towards the end. Those days I always thought the tea leaves were hand-picked by the tea pickers only to see that there was another faster efficient way to pick up leaves to be dried for making tea and others.

Tea Leaf Picker

How should I say it? The world of priceless tools to pick tea leaves.

Oversee the Tea Plantation

And yes, the plantation was huge covering a few mountains and who were the two photographers. There you have it on the top. Not clear, well there will be one more shot coming right up. Though I must say I should give credit to this place for an astounding tea brand.

danielctw with Jac at Boh Tea Sungei Palas Plantation

BOH Tea Center Sungei Palas and finally we just had to pose for this. How to get there? Of course if you are lazy to browse through the menus, here is a site with information on the Tea Centre based on

I guessed it’s fun to take photos. But now with my new work, I have very little time to travel and see around. I smell tea at my home now, mum must be making tea. Okay, got to ciao and have a happy weekend and enjoy the Beijing Olympics 2008 this year.

ps: Liverpool won the game against Sunderland yesterday… Hooray!!!!

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