Nikonian 2000th Member Celebration

A few many weeks days back, Nikonian Academy had a 2000th forum member celebration and they held a feast and gathering for forum members. I am glad I joined the forum as I get to learn from lots of sifu and guru out there about shooting, cameras, photoshop and also how to market yourself in the camera and digital world.

Enough said, if you’re part of Nikonian, the answer to everything is shoot more pictures. So this was the day that I had my first taste of Studio Photography.

Presenting Model Angelyn and Nicole.

Angelyn and Nicole Model Pose

Feel the wind

Angelyn and Nicole Model Front


Try making a 60s shot with an overexposed photo and this is what you will get for the result.

Angelyn and Nicole 60s Shot

Angelyn and Nicole Behind the Umbrella

More like an advertisement for Baywatch.

If that wasn’t enough, the rest of the participants also got to take photos of another model. Anyone knows her name?

Nikonian Model in Swimsuit

Nikonian Model Swimsuit

Now how about that. Half bikini half shirt. The lightings we had in order to take these photos were excellent. Until one of the participants, David Chong decided to play along and be the male model. Boy, did we have lot of shots of him.

David Chong with Nikonian Model

Lucky Dude?

I must say, joining Nikonian Academy‘s classes was worth it after my first FREE class of Adobe Photoshop with Sean Liew. Anyway, towards the end of the year, I have yet to make time for other classes and with insufficient budget, I have to postphone it to another day.

Thus with all the studio lighting setup and a cool background, it’s decided that there is no need to feel shame. There is no need to bother what people thinks. There is no need to not use the opportunity. Then I made a WISE DECISION.

I posed.

Daniel Chew Kung Fu Impersonation

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