Sexy Mouse and Pad

Those days, if you still remember when I was a very very very small time blogger (okay I am still a small time blogger but those days I was very very***), I did some random postings on the blog and it became part of me and I became part of it. My sexy mouse and pad.

Back then we all thought of a mouse as a normal tool, but little did we know that a mouse is more of an accessory. There are so many designs, until there are even sexy ones…. WTF!!!

Look!!! No Bra Mouse!! Now I wonder who will buy this kind of mouse? It’s USB too. Now this is what I call PLUG-AND-PLAY.Actually I was thinking of buying this mouse for a friend on his birthday. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Whose birthday is coming right up now?

But but but…. wait, how can a mouse be complete. A mouse this interesting wouldn’t be completed without it’s pad. I meant mouse pad. Sad that this is just an optical mouse, it needs a pad. So I have to survey over the Internet and practically search for a mouse pad.

Wheee… and here’s what I got!

Huh?? What’s that??? Breast?? Huh?? No no no… look closer.. feel how I feel.

Woah it feels real. Haha.. Just wait till you actually feel what people do feel.

As we all know, mouse pad comes in various shape and sizes. So this breast pad has it’s own variations too.

The problem with today’s consumers, they are all spoilt for choice. So the manufacturers have to do different types and this is where them came up with fair, latina and tanned.

Wooots… hot choice.. but you complained… I am not a breast type of person. I want something different. Well, of course there is something different. So let’s have a buttcheek pad then.

And there you have it, so if you’re still thinking what to get your friends for Christmas!!! Think no more… get the all new Butt Breast Mouse Pad!!!

Warning : Guys please do not go ga ga over these mousepads. It may cause unnecessary tension.


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