Made New Friends in SocialSpark

It’s been like a month since I joined SocialSpark and I must say I am really impressed with all the ongoings and stuffs. Though one thing I lacked though is not doing any available opportunities in SocialSpark yet. Maybe this is the first one though.

Okay, for those clueless on what SocialSpark actually is, it’s a social networking site where one can also monetize their blogs, build community and drive traffic. It’s that simple really. Register and get ready to earn money and build up your network.

You must have wondered though, “But but but… Google’s going to penalized if we do sponsored post.”

Well, have no fear, one good thing about SocialSpark is that the links come with a nofollow tag. Now that’s one good news for those concern about their Page Rank.

As mentioned in their code of ethics, you have the answers to your everyday earnings.
-100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure
-100% Transparency
-100% Real Opinions
-100% Search Engine Friendly

Well, the most though is I get to make new friends, which I don’t know exist. Well, other people from other parts of the world too. Here’s a sample screenshot of how the friend request goes…

Friend Request SocialSpark

Kinda simple to understand. Anyway here’s another note, who else has an account in SocialSpark, do add me. It’ll be easier to stay connected too. Unlike other social networking sites too, I can even add prop for a socialsparker and even get propped by them. This enhances creditability and your standing in the SocialSpark network.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention, Advertisers are also welcomed to take part in SocialSpark, well, without advertisers there wouldn’t be bloggers at all right. Without bloggers there wouldn’t be advertisers too. I am glad that SocialSpark realized the importance of creating a medium for advertisers to advertise their advertisements using the blog method. In this age and time, going online is the sure bet.

Well, I am going to explore more stuffs first. Oh ya, you can look for me though, my name is Weird Daniel in SocialSpark. Hehehehe….

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