Trip to Thailand : Recovery

Yo, I kinda forgot about this post, if not for the fact that someone reminded me. Sorry ya, just remembered so here I am writing a new post, talking about my last trip in Bangkok. Well for those that have seen the photos, just enjoy seeing them again. But hey, this is a blog, anyone else can see it, don’t be selfish.

Magnificent “Tower” in Bangkok

The first day there, we had a trip on the river Chao Phraya, well the longest river in Thailand. From the boat, I took this snapshot of the temple, well those steps on this so called tower. Unbelievable. Here’s another shot of it.

Amazing isn’t it?

Then somehow thought why not test my camera capabilities once again. Then when I look up in the sky, I saw a magnificent sight. Well, it was a nice picture of the scenery. So why not just take my camera out and just shoot of anything that’s there. Well, because of me NBTD, here’s one of those shots.

The Ray of The Sun Behind The Clouds

Now, how about that. Then had a few trips in Pattaya, Thailand. Well, so instead of looking at more text, here’s a few pictures of it.

Safari Park, Beach & the Trees

Well, yes, Safari Park, with lions just outside your windscreen. Decided that since I was in Thailand, what can not be complete without a show of Miss Alcazar. Well, this shot ought to be Louyea & YoungBrat’s favourite. The Miss Alcazar comes live to you all the way from Thailand. If you still don’t get what I am saying. Maybe the photo can brighten you up.

Miss Alcazar, Thailand’s Special

The best thing about being in Thailand too is the food. Well, maybe in my country they don’t have those. Why, even foreigners have a disgust on Durians but then for me, if you never try, you’ll be regretting it cause you just didn’t get to try. Am I right Louyea? Hehe…Oh btw, there’s pork burger in Burger King. I was shocked.

BK Pork Burger

And more yummy stuff coming right up below in which I tried. Yummy yummy…




Yummy Food

Don’t worry, I’ve tried it and it taste really good. I can bring you there next time. I just so want to go again to try that scorpion.


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