Score Run 2017 – Running Around KL

The conquerors are back! SCORE Run 2017 returns to the city, so get ready to take it to the limit and dominate the streets!

It’s man versus city. Kick off at the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s golden triangle – BERJAYA TIMES SQUARE and stop at nothing to conquer the urban jungle. Run under the shade of towering skyscrapers and world-class hotels and be in awe as the city comes alive. With an expected 12,000 runners, SCORE RUN is set to be one of the best running events of the year.

Sign up now to also get your t-shirt with your personalized name on it! For more info on the run, you may log in to

It has been almost a 4 years since I last ran actively with a bit on and off in the past 3 years. The enthusiasm has died down with each passing year and since it’s the new year, perhaps it is time to bring back that enthusiastic feeling. Score Run 2017 is coming up and I guessed this would be my starting point.

Score Run Logo

So since I will be running this year’s Score Run 2017, why not invite more friends over for this run. Here are the details.

First let’s have a look at the flyer.

Score Run 2017 Flyer

Here is how I break it down.

score run 2017 tshirt

T-Shirts that comes with your name. Finally a run that I could get with a personalized name. Unlike the usual 5km / 10km / 21km, this run offers 6km / 12km / 21km. If you think the t-shirt is awesome, there is more. For 21KM runners, there is also a finisher t-shirt.

score run 2017 tshirt design

I like this phrase. Conquer the city… and yes, running 21km if my leg permits (another sad story).

Anyway what do every runner look forward to is about the accomplishment of finishing the race. The medals this year feels different. This is how Score Run 2017 medal design looks like and I can tell you this will be another medal in my collection.

score run 2017 medal

So think about this way. By registering early, one will get an early bird price, a t-shirt and also a medal. If one joins the 21km run, another finisher t-shirt will also be available.

ps : I have already made it a point to at least run 1 half marathon per year ever since the injury. (So I guessed you know which run is it)


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