[Live] First Day in Bali

Haven’t been doing this for awhile. So since have a few time here and in the hotel, I then decided to do some short post about my first day in Bali 2011. Yes there was a trip in 2010 and I haven’t written anything yet.

So not to delay any further. First day was officially 2nd May 2011. 1st May was instead checking in to hotel. Our driver drove us starting at 830am and off we go to Nusa Dua (the place that I didn’t get to visit during my last visit here). Though we had a quick detour and went to had a time at a dance being performed. It was a role play dance performance with humour. The price was Rp.80000. Expensive.

Finally Nusa Dua was next. Looks like nothing much for me here though. More for people who loves watersports. I guessed the driver was promoting the events there but we weren’t interested. So off we go to our next destination.

Temple in Bali

We were off to Taman Ayun Mengyi Royal Temple. Unlike the temples I visited previously, this one had lots of people, where we got to interact with the people there. There was this Balinese girl over there who thought that we were from Korea (I was wearing South Korea jersey) kept singing “Merah Merah Merah” as me, my bro and Yong wore red. Hahaha… was so funny. By the way entrance fee was Rp. 3000. The people there posed for the camera.

Daniel at Pacung Restaurant Bali

Finally time for lunch. We were brought to a place which is Pacung Restaurant. It was a buffet. Initial price was Rp.80000 and the food was ok. Though after tax (yes government tax…..) the total was Rp. 96000 after 20% tax. Roars.

Floating Temple Bali

Finally next destination, it was Ulundanu Bratan Temple. Superb place. The temple is seperated from the land. The view was magnificent. You’ll know once I start posting photos from the NIKON D300 instead from the HTC. The entrance fee was Rp. 10000. Something funny happened again. A group of locals wanted to take photos with us. Must have been the Korea jersey. Epic okay.Finally time to go to our next destination.

Penis Like Woor Ornament

Tanah Lot…. the famous place in Bali. Supposed to be there for a sunset photo. Too bad, it wasn’t meant to be. There were too much clouds. On the way there, many shop peddlers were selling souvenirs. One of them is a wooden penis. Hahaha.

Darn…. finally nothing much, its time to go back to our hotel.

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