Words Could Not Explain

Currently in a fix.. boss expected me to finish by end of next week since this week can’t be completed. What the heck, I am going into a failure mode.

Daniel Chew Not Explain

If words could explain
What I felt disdain
Being all this while a little bit plain
Just no where to get this pain…

sometimes I wonder
Why is it that I am somewhere else
When if only I could be there
To comfort, just and just to be beside
Problems availing, thus camest to nothing

OMG this sounds like a scary shout
But more of frustration yell

But no matter how as you said it
In times of trouble I will be there
If you need a listening ear I will be there

This song commensurate the words above.
What a way to start a new year.

I feel sad. Sad due to unable to be there


  1. SaeWei January 10, 2009
  2. Evie January 11, 2009

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