Reading About a Martian and Venusian

Just 3 days ago, lots of thing was going on in my life. Well, yes, this time a personal post. Not so advertised now though. I was reading about a Martian and a Venusian (someone from Venus).

It basically helps me to understand what peculiar things does a Martian and a Venusian has. They’re both from different planets. What was I reading? I am sure most of you would have guessed it. It’s John Gray’s Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Somehow reading this book has given me an insight of lots and lots of things about the opposite sex. What? Daniel has started to read these kind of books? Yes, maybe I am.

Men Are from Mars Women Are from Venus

Though I wouldn’t say that this book is 100% foolproof but it gives each person an insight of what is to be expected. I had a few times when I was reading this, it feels like, wow it understands me. Take for example, guys are known to solve problems, to show they can do something. Women just wants to share their problems.

Of course the world is created equal where Men are NOT Women or rather Women are NOT Men. Else why is there is a difference? Some stuffs I found from the net though.

Truth About Men

Now be careful what you wished for! Ain’t saying that this applies to all women, sometimes the role is reversed (though hardly). Now everyone loves to look good eh. But here’s something I want to intrigue your mind with.

One day your lovely girlfriend/wife wakes up and looks at the mirror and suddenly screamed, “Wah…. I am fat”, which in actual fact not fat at all.

But the guy who is all round and big at the belly wakes up and looks at the mirror and proclaimed, “Wow you look good!”

See the difference eh?

What You see in Men and Women

I am not here to debate between what’s good in a men and what’s good in a women. I am not promoting the book. I am just sharing my thoughts and opinions on how one can understand each another well. Face it, men don’t usually like to read self help books as it usually demote their status as someone who needs help (somehow there’s this ego on every male, well kinda agree, who would wanna lose). This book was meant to understand how the opposite sex generally thinks. In that way, it also helps me to understand my dearest better.

Sometimes action really do speaks louder than words.

Daniel and PrettyPink

Here’s a Venusian and a Martian for you to see!


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