[Korea Trip 4] Myeong-dong 명동 Shopping Haven

Hello and welcome to Myeong-dong 명동, a place, a shopping haven for girls to go gaga over cosmetics, clothes and more cosmetics. For guys, it is also a place to find food and to look at girls shopping and the shop promoters. Opps…

Myeong-dong human statue

Like I was saying, Myeongdong or Myeong-dong (명동) is a simple place. Well, how come it’s only the third day and we are in Myeongdong. Well, as a matter of fact, we stayed in Myeongdong and that is why it is easy to go walk around here. Convenient, fast and efficient… (to find food – for me).

Want to see more of what actually Myeongdong has to offer, just look at the next few photos. I do not even need to elaborate and you will know how fun and enjoyable it is if you (girls… yes… I meant girls mostly) love shopping for cosmetics.

Exhibit 1 – Etude House | Nature Republic

Etude House Myeongdong

Exhibit 2 -Nude Building Myeongdong

Nude Building Myeongdong

Nude????????? I believe they sell clothes to nudist. Opps.. bothering again.

Exhibit 3 – Laneige

Laneige Myeongdong

Now the above are just a few of the cosmetics and places one could visit. By the way, noticed anything weird here?

Yes, people were using umbrellas. Why? Of course, it rained earlier and still with a bit of drizzle, people still flock the place. Now imagine it was raining, what about if there were no rain? Could you imagine the amount of people??

One good thing is that, unlike those days when I was afraid to go into these kind of shops, I am not ashamed of it right now. Gone were the days when I used to think that guys who go into these shops were more womanly. Why? That is because I (the man) has gone in. AHAHA!!

Faceshop Myeongdong

A shot of one of the place I am in. Guess where? Duh… FACE SHOP

Aside the cosmetics, there were also food to savor here.

Samgyetang Herbal Chicken Korean Dish

Have you tried Samgyetang (삼계탕), well, not the ones that you see in Mid Valley. Imagine it was raining earlier and then we had something like this which is so warm and refreshing and good for the body.

Samgyetang is a variety of guk or Korean soup, which primarily consists of a whole young chicken and Korean ginseng. The dish’s name literally translates as “‘ginseng chicken soup” in English. Samgyetang is traditionally served in the summer for its supposed nutrients, which replaces those lost through excessive sweating and physical exertion during the hot summers in Korea.

Whole young chicken to be precise. What other dishes there is? Eating one like this cost about 6500 Won, that is like RM18-20. Expensive but definitely better than the ones I had back in Malaysia.

삼계탕 Samgyetang

Another photo of the famous dish.

One thing about this place though, you can find things that usually you would not find in places like my home country in Malaysia. Things like Pork Knuckles (sorry if you cannot eat pork, this next photo is for those who can actually eat pork)

Pork Knuckles in Korea

So how would you like some?

So that basically covers my small portion of Myeongdong, because there are many more places to go and with limited time well, there is always a next time to be there. Food is definitely a must try in every country. I am sure some of you remembered how I talked about eating the Beondegi (Silk Worms) and though it may look yucky to other people, it sure is a delicacy. People always say, try if it is alright to try. So why not?




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