SO HOT also WALK????

In this time and space, before then, there was bicycle, then the car / automobile came about which gave convenience to many people. It was easy to travel from a location to another location unlike when those days, people used to walk from one place to another. Guess what?

Daniel chose to WALK instead of to drive.

Yes… I walked from one end to another end which takes about 30 minutes from one place to another place. Walking back and forth will require at least 50 to 70 minutes depending on how fast one walks. No it is not for some walkathon training or keep fit schedule. It is all due to because of a valid reason which I will tell you towards the end.

But why walk in the hot sun?

For a reason known to me, walking is good for health. It was lunch time and I have decided to walk from Asia Jaya LRT station towards Diver’s Den at Jalan Universiti (Unitversity Road). That is like 2.1km which, according to Google Map would take about 30 minutes from one end to another.

30 minutes Walking Distance Diver's Den

Diver’s Den? Why do I go there?

Reason is simple. I want to go enquire about the dive package and the free and easy package directly from the center instead of making a call.

Then, Why Not Drive?

Good question. This is the part where people will start judging oneself. If I tell you that I used to walk from KLCC towards Lot 10. Then from there I walked towards Central Market (Pasar Seni), what would your responses be? CRAZY!!!! How can one walk so far? Bus charges only 80 cents and why did I not take the bus? It is simply because I prefer walking and wanted to save. I did not have a car back then.

Though this time I have a car parked here in Asia Jaya LRT and I still walk towards my destination. Why did I do that? It is not that I wanted to save on fuel or tire wear. I wanted to save on my free parking space.

If I were to drive out, when I come back, my free parking space would be taken over by some other kiamsiap guy/girl. So I walk as long I think that it is not far and I have the time for it. WAHAHAHAHAHA!!

How crazy can one get?

Crazy Reaction DanielCtw
Captured Using HTC Hero in Bali



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