Visiting Legoland in Malaysia

This post is preposterously ages ago. Well, time to present to you about the travels I have been around in Malaysia. Hardly has it been opened like 2 months, a trip down south brought us to Legoland Malaysia. Oh yeah, Legoland is here in our very own country in Malaysia.

These were my expressions upon arriving the main gate of Legoland.

Daniel Chew visits Legoland Malaysia

The ecstacy of going to a place where I used to play Lego during my childhood days is crazy. A little thing though, due to the previous matta fair, I got the ticket a tad bit cheaper than normal, but as long as it is cheaper, it sure felt better (cheapskate… ya I know!)

Guess what? It was a hot day, and our first destination was the toilet. We just had lunch and drank lots of liquid knowing how hot it is, and we decided to visit the toilet only to be stopped by the toilet janitor.

toilet legoland janitor


Lego Janitor: “Why hello? You need a toilet, here’s one for ya!”

Amazing Lego Janitor greeting us with a toilet bowl. This is so awesome (weird thoughts regarding a toilet bowl as something awesome)

In Legoland Malaysia though, we can simply say that it is really truly Malaysian because of the next Lego model on display. Presenting the sexy Baju Kurung Lady and the little boy………

Local Lego Models


….. built with Lego blocks.

Why are they there? Noticed the background and you will know this would be the prayer room (Muslims will be glad to know that there is a prayer room in this massive big Legoland theme park)

Before we head on ahead, it is time for some portrait taking session. We were surprised that there were no queue for this free portrait session and we went on ahead. We chose this location for our portrait to be painted.

einstein legoland malaysia

Yes, right at you Einstein! Who would have thought Einstein would have made an appearance in Legoland, so instead of letting Einstein getting all the limelight, it was time for us to be the center stage.

Wait, who is this we? Who else? It is me, Daniel Chew and Yen.

yen danielchew limelight

Ho ho ho!!!

We would like to thank our portrait artist who stood so long in the sun with minimal cover in helping to paint our portrait. We know you took like almost 15 minutes in the hot sun (we also did T_T) but it was very understanding of you to do so too.

Thank you Miss Ogel (spell Ogel backwards).

legoland artist



I am sure most of you are bored looking at just Lego models, so we went around trying some of the rides here in Legoland Malaysia. Guessed what, some of the rides were really good and I particularly enjoyed the one with the water gun.Why? We get to spray water on those who are currently on the ride. (Yen totally enjoyed it she was laughing non stop) There were the crazy roller coaster, the water ship, the Legocup, the kids Rodeo ride.

legoland malaysia rides

Oh yeah, there are actually a few more rides and I did not get to go on all the rides. Seriously I think I would go there once again for some of the other rides. Actually the reason being so is because of the massive amount of people flogging the area, making the longer queue thus ensuring that we took about 45 minutes to queue just to have a ride. (Argh….)

Other places around Legoland is great for some photography, the only problem is the massive amount of people everywhere. Potong stimz can?



Even the dragons agreed with me that they are now learning how to get rid of the over excessive amount of humans.


dragon legoland


After all those rides, those photo shooting of the whole area of Legoland Malaysia, it was time for us to have some fun (our version of fun could be totally not your type of fun, but nah…. just read on).

Version of Fun

We love molesting the Legobots.

molesting the legobots

They actually did speak after we molested them. Talk about being responsive.

Another version of doing something fun could be portrayed below. I would suggest that it is not everyone’s cup of tea.

danielctw legoland giraffe

Daniel: “So, are you a chick or a dude?”

ps: Also do note that Legoland Malaysia is still expanding, thus at the day of writing this, there could be more rides, more fun and more chaos for your family and spouse and girlfriends/boyfriends.

pss: This place is hot, very hot until one can melt!


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