[Live] Ubud sightseeing

3rd day in Bali. This time we were at the temple which I’ve been to a year ago. They call it the Holy Spring Temple. People or the locals come over here and go into the water and wash their faces. It’s all in Ubud. There was this hot water rising from the pond too. Weird. But amazing. Weird enough we took an upskirt photo.

Temple Image

After that the next destination was at BAS agrowisata, where we tasted the luwak coffee. Hnmmm… still tasted as nice. It was around Rp.50000. Not bad and we got free tasting of a lot of other types of coffee. Arabica (McDONALD’S coffee), Bali coffee, ginseng coffee, female coffee (yes there was a coffee this name). Though we didn’t get to try the male coffee as its expensive.

Mt Batur Scenery

Time to move on and now we are at the restaurant called Grand Puncak Sari Kintamani. From here we could Mt Batur, an inactive volcano. Superb view and the food is so so. Well price was Rp.80000 and after tax it was Rp.97000. 21% tax.

Moving ahead it was a rush straight back to Uluwatu to catch the sunset. The driver (Angus) drove at his best and when we reached there it was 615pm. Sun is still there. Too bad clouds are there too. Darn…. so didn’t get to take sunset photo again. Nevermind tomorrow will be the last time we could take.

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