WHEN is Daniel’s royal wedding?

Hi everyone, it’s sweister the monster here subbing in for Daniel again. Hahahaha.

Soooo, hands up for anyone who watched the live broadcast of the Royal Wedding last Friday! Call me a mainstream junkie but ask any fairy tale loving girl and she’d tell you how romantic Prince William and Kate’s wedding was!

It was indeed a dream came true spanned from the likes of Cinderella and Snow White where the commoner got whisked away in her knight in shinning armour. I’m glad I watched the live broadcast of the wedding. (The whole ceremony till the kiss! Had to go back to studying after that.) It was so sweet, so romantic! The dress was alright, in my opinion. Not quite a trained eye for fashion, let alone bridal fashion but it was pleasant- I like the bodice from upwards but not so much on the puffy bottom.

Despite all the glitz and glamour of a ROYAL wedding, one can’t help but to feel heartache over the elephantine sum spent on just ONE occasion like that. Money, money, money! Tuition fees for UK universities just keep skyrocketing… budget cuts everywhere and they dare have such extravagant wedding celebration. T_T

Oh well, let’s just give the newlyweds a break, shall we? And shift our focus to our very own Daniel.

Seriously, don’t you want to get married as well after watching such well documented royal wedding? This whole wedding extravaganza inevitably attracts the ultimate question: WHEN is Daniel’s very own royal wedding? Hahahaha. With all the countries hopping he’s doing right now, one might think he’s looking for the perfect honeymoon location. 😉 Bugger’s living the life of a free man traveling here and there!


Now I should be back to revising my ‘Confessions’ topic. Exam’s on the 9th!

Or perhaps look for ways to bid for Kate Middleton’s transparent dress.

I want to seduce Prince Harry when I go to Wales for my final year of my degree. Kidding. Haha.

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