Getting to Know Yourself

A few days back, I was sitting in the mamak waiting for my friend and I overheard this conversation.

A : Eh you know right? That Kitty broke up with her BF.
B : Wah seh…. sure or not ah? How come like that one?
A : She say BF care about her frens more. Everytime frren gathering, he go.
B : Actually what you think happen ah?
A : U know la. I think Kitty over liao la. She expect bf to appear when he oleidi say goin out with frens yamcha. Then later tell everyone that bf dun care her.
B :  Wah really ah??? So now Ah Jon available la.

Then after that my friend called my mobile phone saying he reached already to pick me up for a game of MTG.

Anyway this got me wondering how well do you know yourself. Let’s look at the basis of how character depicts a person. To be fair I will be using myself as the subject. Below is my written post.

Nowadays with blogs, many unknown have become known and they build up a network just like that. They have their social circle built up around that, due to most of them either sticking to their computer seats. Some picked up hobbies like


The most common one now in Malaysia but after seeing some of the over edited photos and telling others they take great photos, no eye see (mou ngan tai). Also with the cheaper availability of a DSLR, every Ahmad, Chong and Muthu can get one and then call themselves a photographer. I see some people do progressed further. Some buy it with the saying, I can slowly learn. Some buy it saying, no matter how I shoot, the photo will turn out well. Some just because they have the cash to spend to be the IN crowd.

Modified Bridge Pulau Manukan

Anyway photography isn’t a bad choice to build your social circle of friends. Of course, if you’re taking photos for events to blog socially for bloggers to read then one WON’T even need a higher end lens or higher end camera (except if they want to jank up the ISO). The only thing I don’t get it is why buy a super higher end camera other than the normal Nikon D3000, D5000, D40, D60, D40X and then in the end still Photoshop it so much.

What’s the POINT? (It doesn’t apply to those who modify photos for conceptual photography)

So I get haters right now, *woots* due to what I just mentioned as I noticed many people doing this. I have nothing against lower end DSLRs as I was once an owner of a trusted Nikon D40 and the ISO performance is really not that great. Of course, if you owned a DSLR and don’t know what is ISO and you’re so heated up because you say you take nice photos but I say you didn’t, then please go and study more.

Scuba Diving

It is a great way to mix with a group of people that are relatively unknown. Well this doesn’t apply though if one were to take up this hobby/sport with a group of friends and then sticking with them all the way.

As a matter of fact, the author of this post took up this sport to build his social circle and got to know more people. One is not only limited to Malaysians, you have people from overseas especially Japanese (they say they love the warm seas here where there are more colors and fishes and corals), Australians (well, they have the Great Barrier Reef but there’s also the Great White Shark) and others.

Daniel does Scuba Dives

I know some bloggers do blog about their scuba diving adventure, and I do appreciate their blogs. Though, if that blog is about

“I dived here and I posed (one picture), then I posed, then I am there and I posed and I posed”

Sorry, you’re out of the picture.

After reading the above notes, what do you think then? I guessed you must have felt how frustrated I am. If you still don’t get it, then maybe you need to brush up your English. If you want to be a grammar police, then go ahead, since I don’t bother checking up what I wrote up there after I’ve typed (been doing this many times).

Finally, people must be wondering why I am blogging this way. Isn’t it strange? Some random thoughts flow through my head and I guessed I had the feeling to pen type them down. Maybe it’s also because it’s finally first day of work again after going on a week long holiday.


You know people don’t really understand the world when they don’t divulge themselves out there with the rest of the society out there. Their scope is limited.

I am sure some of you can depict how my character is after reading my post here. I will write what I felt my character is on this post and if you want to add on, you can do so in the comments too. At least maybe you can tell me what do you think of my character.

This is me.

Weird I think very differently and always try to look what is underneath and further apart from the subject. I can hide my expressions and also acclimatize myself with the situation I am just to suit the environment and atmosphere. Some people call me fake, but that’s how I am.
Happy Go Lucky Even though I love to think a lot, I do have my crappy side of me. Telling crappy jokes and laughing at nonsense is like instill upon me during my schooling years and college. The people I mix with also do have that tendency.
Lone Ranger Even though I mix with people a lot, it’s not a necessity too. I am also a Lone Ranger. It won’t bother me if I were to do some things alone (of course if doing things alone is sufficient enough to complete), and walking and adventuring to places alone. Some people felt that it’s strange to eat lunch alone or go out in the park, running event alone, though.
Melancholic I do think a lot. Sometimes thinking some simple stuffs too much that at times it proved my downfall. For someone like me who has this practical mind, I weigh in the positive and negative of an action in my space of mind. Sometimes doing that too much makes me felt that might as well not do that certain thing as being quiet is the best answer. Then see how the situation flows.
Low Risk Person When you’re Melancholic, one tends to access their options. For someone like me, I am a low risk person. Trying to accommodate different people at different time and also if something is happening that might be harmful to me or to friends or family around me, I will back out and shy away. Please refer to Happy Go Lucky traits and Lone Ranger.
High Self Esteem Sometimes too high for comfort but good to have some self esteem to boost one’s own confidence. People nowadays have very low self esteem. I bump into my MSN contacts and then they were asking questions like,

“Why do I work?”
“How come I exist here, only work and sleep?”
“My friends say I am bitchy. I feel sad”

Kinda depressing that at times I am the one who has to like cheer them up because they are the ones who wanted to chat about this. I always look at the world in the positive manner. Well, I guessed not many people can do that. Maybe because whatever shit that has befallen upon me, I always say feel that there’s a positive thing waiting for me. Due to that, I am also labeled as someone who isn’t sensitive at times. Girls also especially don’t like this method because they usually can’t and need pampering.

Some of my own methods, I call myself Takeshi Kaneshiro, Aaron Kwok, Bruce Lee and the latest, Jay Chou (this you got to see in one of my upcoming post, link will be posted here too)

Don’t care I meant I have the “Tidak Apa attitude” or rather say “Let Bygones be Bygones“. Well, whatever that doesn’t affect me, let it not affect me then. Do refer to Happy Go Lucky. Of course, that doesn’t mean I don’t care about what’s happening around me, I know about the news and stuffs. It means that I know about the stories and how some things will affect me. If it doesn’t bring so much damage and not something life threatening and something which can alter your life 180 degrees, why bother about it so much. Of course, this also can lead to how someone can perceive me as “Not caring”.
Nature Lover Why am I a nature lover? It is in lieu with Happy Go Lucky, Lone Ranger traits. Seeing that I enjoy traveling and moving here and there, I wonder at nature. At times I love to walk alone outside and just look at how the birds fly and the songs they sang and it’ll bring peace to my mind. Some people cannot stand staying in a village or kampong without the busy city life and shopping complexes (I know few people who are like this), but I can. Seriously I am not a person who does shopping like it’s something fun. My idea of shopping is to go online, click purchase and pay using PayPal, credit card. It’s so much easier. Loves the beach more though. Well, I can do Scuba.
Jack of all Trades Personally I can’t keep still. I love to learn a bit of this thing, a bit of that thing and something from something else. Well, this is due to personal satisfaction. So in order to fulfill the High Self Esteem trait. How is it so? So when someone says something, I know that I know what he is talking about and my expression wouldn’t have that clueless look. That is also good for my practice with my Pretentious trait. I might not know it all, but all I need is to know some and from then I can squeeze out more information.

You know I can actually write more and more about myself, but I think the list will grow longer. This is like doing a bit soul searching and knowing all about oneself. I am sure some of you have your own list and those that know me can also add it to this list.

Of course, this is where my high self esteem can make me do something like this.

Jay Chou lookalike lol

See…. of course. You can disagree if you want to.

Some of the traits above might apply to you too. So if you are able to finish reading all of them, congratulations and thank you for reading. Definitely have to appreciate your time and effort reading this while working browsing the Internet.

It has definitely been awhile since I wrote such a long thought provoking topic and to have it appear in Weird Weird Denial once more. So let me ask you this question.

What do you THINK of these kind of ARTICLE and POST?


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