True Friend Indeed! Me also

danielctw wants to know how well you know me!
So I’ve seen that most blogs also got that true friend test! So why not I have one too. The response might not be as much as the other bloggers, but then what the heck!

Oh ya… for those that don’t know, I’ll be away again on Friday evening till next Sunday! Going out again! Where? Ha ha ha… That’s for you people to find out! I’ll of course post photos.

Create your own Friend Test here

I’ll be back then. Tomorrow I’ve need to get up early too. Got someone to catch up for breakfast. So long no wake up early liao!


  1. miChi3 May 11, 2007
  2. Ichitaka May 11, 2007
  3. Young Brat May 12, 2007

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