Hmm…What should I blog in Daniel’s blog..?

Daniel is still at Penang right now and he’s leaving Penang tomorrow. =D Actually I should
have go meet him yesterday night, but then because I’m sick and I gotta prepare for presentation..SO I didn’t go meet him.

So many people want me to change his blog into pink colour. HAHA..but too bad, I can’t change his templete or edit his layout. I can only change his post and the settings..but nvm, I will post a picture of Hello Kitty!

Very cute hor?

Aiya, too bad I do not know how to photoshop, or else I’ll change the Hello Kitty face into Daniel’s face. Muahahaa..

Anyway, I still prefer Gloomy Bear! I love Hello Kitty when I was like 8 to 12 years old. Now I love Gloomy Bear..=) Any idea what’s Gloomy Bear?

Taaa Daaaa~ The Pink Gloomy Bear!

Although there’s blood, but still I think that it’s cute! A bit of violence..but that makes it special! Want to know more about Gloomy Bear? Google it…=p Do you have any favourite toys?


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