I am a HERO

Is like the saying, “when the old don’t go, the new won’t come.” Same like when you’re working in the office, if your seniors won’t go and leave the place, say bye bye to promotion. Typical IT job and world out there.

So this time I shall say bye bye to my old and trusty Samsung phone, the D510 model which has served me for over 3 years. Yes, there are people who uses the same mobile for more than a year and that person is me. I am never into trends. Maybe that’s why my fashion sense failed.

So welcome to my latest gadget. The HTC Hero.

HTC Hero in Box

Finally, I’ve gotten myself a “SMART PHONE” which I was dying to get since like a year ago. The thing is, once I got this HTC HERO, I have to charge the batteries the first day and that took me 8 hours. (Yup, the HTC Hero doesn’t come with pre-charged batteries) So I waited and waited and decided to just take a weird shot of it.

HTC Hero on Display

So this calls for micro blog to be activated. I can now blog on the go and blog even when I am in places not around my office or my home. Some possible places are like the toilet. Hohoho.. More or less, it’s a useful tool when I am traveling around.

Now don’t I wished I had the Hero before I left for Tibet. There would be more micro-blogging instead. Darn…..

ps : Tibet post would take a short break for awhile


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