Cannot ‘Tahan’ Need To Go Back

Yesterday I had the most exhilarating thing that happened to me. Little did I know it would be so troublesome?

While waiting for the time to end and be on my way home from office, I felt something was amiss. Putting it aside, the elevator opened and was not full of people. So off I go into the elevator and thought of making my way back home. What a stupid mistake!!
Now walking towards the car, I suddenly felt an urge that I should reached home quickly. I tried to maintain coolness and not to run though.

Finally reached my car, I decided I shall not on any air-condition so as not to aggravate the feeling. Besides, hot weather seems to enable one to control oneself better. Then it seems harder with the traffic jam due to the traffic light going bonkers. I just need to put my mind off it and this is what I did.

I Can't Stop It

My mind went into a blank mode as I was having this blank stare mode so as to be on focus on driving and didn’t bothered if a car went past me. I was just trying to keep my cool. It was 10 minutes more to home and I must say, ahhh.. How long more can I withstand this uneasiness?

A few more minutes away I called my bro to open the gate for me. I wouldn’t want to miss it by wasting time opening the big gate by myself and using strength just to open it. Reaching the parking lot designated for me, I then straight rushed in, and….. did my ‘BIG BUSINESS

I Feel Uneasy

Ps : No stomach was harmed in the process of telling this story
Pss: I spared you the extra details and by now you should know what it means.
Psss: Please don’t kill me if you’ve just eaten your lunch or dinner. Bwahaha


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