CNY 2007 Plans

Happy Chinese New Year to all Readers and Bloggers

Hi there…been busy lately with the coming CNY on the calendar…Hey wait…CNY (Chinese New Year) is today….

Gong Xi Gong Xi Fa Cai
Wan Shi Ru Yi

Xin Nian Quai Le

Hung Pao Na Lai XD

Looks like the new year is here (Well Lunar New Year) and time to get more food to eat. The char siew, siew yoke, mandarin orange, ang pows, etc. Well minus the fact that there are many like up and coming young kids singing chinese year songs which sometimes kinda irritates me.

Anyway, been busy playing with my camera shots and a tad bit of Adobe Photoshop CS. (Couldn’t get hold of CS2). Well, remember the shots of Bukit Tabur, so I took a few shots of how it would look like if taken from a lower land. Well, so here I am taking the shots.

The quartz hill Bukit Tabur

A picture of Bukit Tabur with partial trees

I then thought, how should I celebrate my new year after the visitations and stuff..Hmm.. how about another climb up Bukit Tabur. Not a bad idea though.

Then it wasn’t always easy to gather people for this kind of activities with most town people either not up to it cause they’re busy shopping or more into the city lifestyle of clubbing, and ‘wetting’ around. HAHAHA… Well, it’s really hard to find someone who can do with me all these activities. It’s hard I tell you…really really hard. But what can I do? I am not a superman.

So all boils back to going back to being the boring me, according to someone who said I was boring cause I dun go clubs, discos, I wonder….if I do dive and climb, am I considered boring???

OMGosh….kns….I dunno how to put it into words..
But then that’s just me. And people have their own opinions as to what is the in thing. Sorry not all things are everyone’s cup of tea. (I prefer my coffee though, black)

Ya… going back to Melaka tomorrow. So more pictures for me to capture with my crappy, lousy Casio Exilim camera Z750. Now somehow I wished I could have owned a DSLR camera. Prices drops too fast. But well, you paid for it, you get what you paid for.

Since I’ll be going off to Melaka (Malacca) for tomorrow, seriously people thought maybe for a few days I’ll be there. Well, not exactly, it’s more like a one day trip there. Well how could I leave my super extremely loyal dog at home, fending all by himself and waiting for their owners to come back to feed him. Poor Joji if really no one ever feed him for a day.

Just how can I abandon a dog with a heroic history. Love ya Joji…(Well this Joji isn’t another joji which someone knew). =P

Well, speaking of Joji, my half bred shih tzu, decided to get some photos for him for my pet collection photos. So why not? Just shoot away…hahaha…

Just look at the King Of the Pillar

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