[Korea Trip 2] Gyeongbokgung Scenery

Being in Seoul during Spring is superb. The flowers are starting to bloom and there are lots of pink and white flowers all around. Well, anyway let’s get back to GyeongBokGung (경복궁).

Flowers Galore

A touch of white and pink flowers. This sets the mood of how the place was. Definitely worth it.

Heading Again Towards Gyeongbokgung Main Palace

The group of them heading towards the GyeongBokGung palace and me lingering at the back to capture this shot. It was a cloudless day but it’s still okay. Oh yeah, the entrance fee was only ₩3000 which is roughly RM9. Well, at least it’s cheaper than going to Zoo Negara.

See their enthusiasm going into the palace. They are so into history okay…. while I am interested in photography. waahahaha..

In case you’re wondering, look at the photo of the guys there.

Korean Wannabe Guys in Red

We are all in red. Splendid right, almost the same like the Korean football team. So gay, against the flowers as background.

Anyway moving forward, I was taken aback and amazed at the Palace Court. Lucky with the power of DSLR, I was able to take the photo inside the palace court. Using flash would spoil the whole image, but using high ISO and low shutter definitely makes it.

GyeongBokGung Palace Court

Tourists and people are not allowed here, we can only look from outside the barrier. Ahhhh.. though it looks almost like the Chinese style of architecture. We also found a Korean sitting around the palace. TADA…..

Korean Yen

Cute leh…. and against the palace walls. It’s dear dear Yen by the way.

There is also a place for the palace mid wifes and concubines and basically all the females rest in this place (if I am not mistaken). Well, as usual we were not allowed to go into and there’s a barrier which explains why the floor is so clean.

Inner Courth Portray

See… isn’t it clean? Such a big place. If it was only my house, but then, I might need to hire a maid.

Okay, enough of architecture, let’s look outside instead. Of course, every posts would not be complete without a certain someone. That is……..


Where Does DanielCtw wanted to go now in Korea?

I was thinking where to go after that in the big compound of the palace. Then an unknown person pointed me to a place. Strange isn’t it? I do not even know who that person was.

Though maybe she was pointing at something else. What could it be?

Yen Yellow Flowers Scenery 경복궁

They do say there is always a beautiful flower amongst the rest of the flowers.I believe that’s true.

These are but a few of the scenery at 경복궁 (GyeongBokGung), okay it was the perfect one.

Inside 경복궁 GyeongBokGung Garden

The sky was getting dark, I had to take this photo hand held as I forgotten to bring my tripod. What a bummer but at least it shot what it was supposed to take.

Alas walked into the building and guessed what it was? It was actually a Cultural Museum and outside the museum, there was a Korean Folk Dance going on.

Korea Folk Dance

People were crowding around the dance that I never actually got a decent shot.

Oh wait, forgotten to mention. There was this ‘Super Holy Tree‘, well I think it is. It was the only unique one in 경복궁 since it was the only tree which requires metallic support. Look at the 3 metals supporting it. Don’t be fooled, the tree is very big.

경복궁's Leaning Tree

See, you can just look at the humans at the background to gauge how big this tree was. People have heard of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, this is the Leaning Tree of 경복궁.

If you are observant enough you would know that there are Cherry Blossom trees at the background. It was cherry blossom season, so definitely there would be loads of them all around.

Close Up of the Korean Folk Dancer

A very random photo of the folk dancer while spinning.

Finally it was time to go to our next destination and more photos upcoming, but before we depart, there is something we should do in order to leave our mark in 경복궁. Since the wall now stands surrounding the whole Joseon palace, it is definitely wise to have a photo with it.

DanielCtw Yen 경복궁 Wall Pose

In case you’re wondering, how did we get a shot like that? It’s magic… I tell you.

After the whole time at 경복궁, we felt it’s time to move to another place. What better place will there be? Stay tune.

Food Yeouido

Time for some Yeouido 여의도역 fun.


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