Size Does Matter

How can we believe size doesn’t matter? Well, sometimes it does matters? Well, when only will it matter, that also have to see in what context we’re talking about.

If you’re talking about the brain, size really doesn’t matter. You might have a big brain, but to the extent of how much memory one keeps, now that’s a different matter altogether. Though if you’re talking about physical size, it really can matter. Just imagine, Yao Ming, the China basketball player, Houston Rocket player as of print, standing side by side with you.

WTF Yao Ming

Okay, maybe not standing side by side, but imagine… he’s big in size, imagine he’s 2.26m while I am only like 1.7x++ meter. This makes me feels short. Well, I guess that’s the way it is then.

I think I was stupid enough to think I could excel well in basketball to represent the country, the state and all when I was young. I should have just stick to badminton or other sports. For basketball, size does matters. People don’t care whether you can shoot or not, as long you cannot be part of the defense, how are you gonna assimilate.

Hmm.. kinda weird, ranting about basketball. I believe instead of complaining about the height, I should complain about the width. Size does matters in that case too. Now let’s say how shall I compare…

Caterpillar with Ant

Caterpillar attack~~~~~ arghhh, I wished I was bigger. Don’t you wish you were bigger?

ps : If you’re thinking of bigger in other context, it may also apply.


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