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My BathroomMy bathroom is playing tricks with me again. It’s leaking at the base of the floor on the second floor. Now there’s a wet area on the ceiling in the dining room. Sometimes I wished that I could change the who bathroom again. Well, not that it’s not nice, design is okay, but I think the leakage problem is still a big headache.

Well though, there are many Bathroom Suites these days that I observed from different houses. Heck, even the ones in the apartment are now top notch. A lot has been planned to get bigger tiles, taps, even a fixed shower gel.

Of course if only there were bathtubs, then it’ll be a whole lot different story though. Too bad there ain’t enough space.

Looking through though, I found something new which are whirlpool baths. Then after a bit searching, looks like it’s just like a jacuzzi. With water jets spiraling the bath, and thus making it like a whirlpool, hence the name whirlpool.

All this improvements one can have for a bathroom, just hope there’s a room for a toilet seat and bowl too. If not, I would have to transfer the toilet bowl outside of the house and do my business there.

Red Toilet In The Open

If the above ever happens though, I think it’s a good thing that people can now get their bathroom accessories online now.

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  1. July 23, 2010

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