Diving Break Redang

The title is just your normal average title. But what can I say, I am going for a diving break in one of the beautiful island of Peninsular Malaysia. Well, I think all of you have guessed it again, it’s another round of Redang Island. Though this time it will be more and more people. I am bringing a group of ShoutOuters (some people refer to them as Shouters) with me and this time let’s hope for an amazing time.

Sad To See You Not Beside Me

See!!! See!!! Jolin also misses me. How eh?? Hehehehe…. well, but with every adventure, there’s bound to be more photos right :).

I will bring in a surprise every now and then during the days I am not here. Yes, I will only be back on Monday late night.

Miss me you will – Yoda 😛

Redang 2004 Photo

A backdated photo of Redang in year 2004. Those days the corals were magnificent. I missed the good old Redang Island days when there were not that many people.

ps: I created a function to close ShoutOut and Open Shoutout, mighty cool, actually there’s a reason to it 🙂

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