New Petrol Price Hike

Yes, we all will most probably know about the upcoming price hike for the coming new year which is 2008. Well, at least we’re spared on it this year. With the oil price increasing, I think it’s wise that it actually goes up. Not that we’ll be paying more, but I think the necessary bodies have tried to help in anyway they can.

Petrol Price

But then, the price increase might also affect the current economy, with pay as low and doesn’t go up according to the price hike, it really is a problem. Well, basically it’s not that I cannot take the new petrol price hike in the next coming year, but then I do hope that even the current salary would also commensurate with the price hike.

Well, in terms of petrol pricing, basically in Malaysia, it’s a controlled price in all petrol stations. Well, sometimes though it’s really fortunate to have some backing up by the government. After comparing with the petrol in the States, anyone can charge any price for the petrol. Well, you see, if you wanted to sell a bit more like 10 to 20 cents more, there isn’t an issue. But maybe lesser customers though.

Funny, but if this concept is implemented in Malaysia, I bet that there will be a monopoly of oil with people trying to make money from it. Then there will be conflict all over again. Have you ever wondered why is it that all oil or petrol industry owners are owned by certain people. Now get your thinking hats and start thinking!!!!

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