Bug My Praying Mantis Can Handle

Remember my friend, when I talked about bugs, I have fun finding bugs that are so nice and awesome. It was so hard to find certain bugs which tend to keep still and even praying mantises which rarely surface on city areas. You’re lucky if you can even notice one, let alone find those that look like flowers. O.o

Cicada Weird

Remember my old friend cicada. Well, not everywhere you can find a life young green one, but it really is good to live in an area which has all these insects. I sometimes need to refer to a bug guide like the encyclopedia or those online ones from wikipedia or certain specific sites like Terminix to catch hold on the big bugs and different type of bug species. But one thing though, all bugs are not really as interesting. Some are so common that you see them everywhere. There were ants colony on my house garden. It didn’t bothered me at first, but then ants start to get on my nerve after they come into the house. I mean they start crawling all over the wall, I really need some way to get rid of them.

Especially those black ant, argh… I maybe a nature lover, but indeed sometimes I find the bugs need to know their territory as well. Maybe I can fight nature with nature. Welcome to my new pet Praying Mantis.

Jaw My Praying Mantis Pet

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