Insect House in Weird Denial

a friendly visitor in my house
It’s a wonder of creation. When you begin to wonder how the animals, insects are all so unique. That’s when suddenly you received an unexpected guest coming into your house. That’s what you get for staying too close to the jungle area. ha ha ha

So here’s our friendly neighbor. Hi there Mr Err… Grasshopper. I think I can call you Leafy. Looks more like a leaf to me. Interested in my ‘Kamus’ ah? Hmm…. not enough spotlight? Wait ar…

Blind Grasshopper
“Argh… you’re blinding me”, says Leafy. “Woops sorry ya boss! Have fun running around!”

I believe nature exist for what they are. So I don’t go squishing bugs for no reason. Except mosquitoes and cockroaches. WAHAHAHA!!! If only I have a SLR to zoom in to these bugs.

Anyway, now I’ve got things I need to prioritize. Get a DSLR? Get a Laptop? Get a Underwater Camera (non-SLR)? Which one??? Haihz decisions!!

This post reminds me of my last unique visitor. Who else but Miss Praying Mantis! Why is it a she? Coz this one is bigger than a male one. For more Praying Mantis info, refer here.

Praying Mantis
“Hi there… I am back here again on Weird Weird Denial! See how I pose for you on this page. Cool leh! Oh my name’s Lila“. Actually just like to give my visitor’s name. Easier for me to pinpoint. HEHE

Hmmm… danielctw wonders who’s his third likely unique guest after these 2. Stay tuned!


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