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Here is my most classic sms reply I got from someone!!!!

So are you a Valentino? In light of the coming Valentines Day which are usually looked upon as something so treasured and kinda sacred amongst lovers and couples. I’ve even heard of singles complaining that they feel so lonely during this time. Here’s my point of view for the singles.

You saved money on a day which someone created! Well, it’s common knowledge that most couples tries to have a perfect celebration on this day, and to me is the day where someone can make use of the guy (especially young couples) and approach him and ask him this, “Care to buy a lovely rose for your girl?” With the ego and thick skin, I am sure that person selling the rose, candy, bear bear will make a hefty fortune just on one day.

Valentine Flower Bear

I prefer celebrating on days which no one else celebrate on the same day. Too many people is a crowd and getting a place to eat is a race. All the fancy restaurants are booked. I’ve got a few friends who are smarter, they celebrate the day before or the day after. It’s better that way I guessed. Why create the uneasiness in trying to impressed only on that day.

Here’s a quote from one couple regarding this Valentine’s Day!

Wise Words From A Couple

Daniel : What are your thoughts of Valentines Day?
Guy : To me Valentine’s Day is just a self made day in order for your love ones to be remembered. We wouldn’t need Valentines Day if couples know how to treasure each another on every other day. To me, everyday should be like a Valentines Day, you treasure your love one everyday and not just for that special occasion.

Now I was immobilized when I heard that, but then seemingly, it really strike me as to how this couple of aged 60++ years can really think of it in a different tune. Okay, maybe it’s the mindset. But then nevertheless, singles, if you’re trying to impress the girl or guy you love, maybe it is also a good day to be open about it, since it’s the day where you’ve(guys especially) got very good opportunity to express your feelings towards your date partner.

Happy Valentines Friend Computer
Friends Are Always There!!
Anyway call me old-stylo but I guessed my opinions differ in certain ways. You can share your opinions about this promiscuous day if you like to though. As for me, I’ll go enjoy my singlehood for now. 🙂 Anyway Happy Valentines Day…..


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