What to Choose for Your Valentine’s Day Flower

Valentine’s Day is not just a day for gift-giving between lovers; it is a day to express your love to everyone who is important or special to you. This is a special day to celebrate love, convey the message of love, admiration, and affection, also a day when flower becomes more expressive than words.

Since a long time ago, flowers have been used as the most common gift to give on Valentine’s Day. However, Valentine’s Day flower is particularly a beautiful way to connote a hidden message. Flowers have meaning, and the flower meaning is the language that can convey or express some feelings that sometimes just difficult to put into words.

Below is the short list of flower meaning that mostly used to convey love in Valentines Day:

1). Roses

roses chippy

Roses are the classic choice for Valentine’s Day flower. However, Roses never lost its specialty to make someone feel special. Most men (and women) will prefer Roses—especially red Roses to be their flower gift. The deep red colored Roses merely the best in symbolizing a love that is true and passionate. After red, the white rose is the second preferred Roses; they symbolize the innocence and purity of love and someone’s heart to give.

2). Lilies

lilies little flower hut

Even though Lily is more popular to give for condolence, Lily is also a great choice for Valentine’s Day flower. A bunch of Lilies are perfect to give for the one you love; they show how pure and true your love to them.

3). Carnations

carnation little flower hut

They have an exquisite looking, and they are indeed an ideal gift for Valentine’s Day.  Carnations have such a feminine aura that makes them look appealing to whoever receives them.

4). Gerberas

gerberas little flower hut

Gerberas will look fresh and marvelous for Valentine’s Day in the eyes of your lover. They make a great Valentine’s Day gift when you combine them with customized gifts such as chocolate or Teddy Bear.

There are still so many kinds of flowers that are great for your Valentine but above is the most popular one. After all, you can explore more about the flower meaning and decide what flower is the best in representing your feeling in Valentine. Valentine flowers are definitely better than words, and they are a nice gift and able to appeal the receiver in the most beautiful way.

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