Heroes am I

Why are we what we are? Why aren’t we born with capabilities to climb up walls, fly from countries to countries, jump from wall to wall? Why am I not a Hero?? I thought Heroes am I!! Why we don’t have the superhero ability in all of us, then maybe we can save the world, just like Hiro Nakamura. Wahahahahha….

Heroes Cast Members

Seriously, which kind of Heroes is your favorite? But then seriously I think the world is a better place without someone with special capabilities like the cast in Heroes. Why do I say that?? Considering human and their behaviors, it isn’t surprising that everyone wants to be Sylar, but I doubt they have the effort to hunt other people down and to gain what other people have.

Hiro Nakamura

I would foresee that it will instead be a dangerous thing. Just take me for an example, if I have Hiro Nakamura‘s ability, imagine how many places I can go. Hahaha… for example other world, other country, other place, female changing rooms. Woops…. too over.

Matt Parkman Heroes

Having Parkman‘s ability also is a wonder. I can mind control. So all you scumbags succumb to me. All ye ladies come bow and serve me. Hahaha!!! Now aren’t you glad I don’t have all these abilities. Well, indeed the world is a better place without heroes coming out such as this.

Peter Petrelli

No need to mention Peter Petrelli, having his ability, I can do almost anything I want and get away with it. Crap rite!! Of course who can forget the babes of Heroes… Well, here’s one Elle Bishop.

Elle Bishop Heroes


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