The Souled Outs


Previously On Heroes. . . .
Hiro Nakamura : Peter Petrelli, I will stop you!!!!
Peter Petrelli : Noooooooooooo~~~~~~~

$%$&%$%&$ CENSORED %^&%%*&%*

We now bring to you a commercial break and instead of Heroes, we have The Souled Outs! The time has come to reveal, who are the Souled Outs. With their flashy gadget and naturistic movements, they are what we call, The Souled Outs.

Okay Okay, I failed in giving a great introduction, so this photo was taken by one of the members of ShoutOut and I love the photos.

Pose Kings
From Left : Marcus, Me, Aaron, Hung Wei

If you’ve been following my previous post, I do look a bit different here. Anyway we just love to take some shots, as the backdrop was simply amazing, hard to find places like this around KL area. To make use of this wonderful scenery and backdrop and stylish profilic guys, a picture is never enough.

4 Heavenly Kings

It looks like some kind of movie,

Marcus : Look it’s the Northern Star!!
Me & Aaron : Hmmm…
Hung Wei : Nah… I prefer the Southern Star!!

Readers & CameraPerson : LAME~~~~~

But who indeed is the camera person when we were taking those photos, it’s none other than Angeline, known for her flying wings.
Angeline is Out

The photo above feels kinda funny though. She’s OUT!!! heee… well, silently killing you with an eye, I think she took Aaron’s power, look at the eye. Well, it was indeed great fun that we had taking photos, that it’s never enough!!

Souled Out Jump

So why are we called Souled Out? I think you might have guessed it. We’re patrons of Souled Out, destined to be Heroes and do our levitation and jumping skills even with high heels. Weird?? Just wait till you see what we drank!!

Test Tube Drink

OMG TEST TUBES!!! Those you find in science laboratory and they’re putting it in test tubes. Weird, but I think the weirdest are the people who are fascinated by it (myself included), that tonnes of photos were taken. Just look at them, look at them.

Cameras Shooting Test Tube

Hung Wei : My turn to take… WAKAKAKA!!!
Aaron : Ciskek!! my photo overexposed already, I go take again later!!!
Angeline : Ish…. you all ar… take take take only, when want drink?? If I got camera also I will take… JELES sial *bish*

*pssst look at Angeline resting her chin*


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