2GB Free Backup

You want to backup your stuffs or not? Recently I’ve been backing up my stuffs for free. Yes, I mean backing it up in an online environment. Instead of forking out loads and loads of money to get a backup drive, there’s a backup application online. Funny, people usually never thought of backing it up online. Well, not to say it’s totally free, but imagine just having 2GB of encrypted(no one can see what it is) data backuped all given by IDrive-E.

It’s not a rare thing to do online backup nowadays with many data available from the internet. I am currently still satisfied with the free service of 2GB though I may opt for the unlimited storage which is like $4.95/month. One thing I like about this is the drag and drop functionality when putting files for backing up. Though seriously new enhancements like near real time backup of frequently changing data and with the ability to use a single admin account to manage multiple accounts. What more can one ask for??

At least in case the current folder fails, I have assurance that my backup stuffs have at least 30 versions of backed up data. So anyone wants to put in their perfect ‘extreme’ photos and save it to me securely faster tell me. Hehehehe…

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