How to Win Haagen Dazs Vouchers

Strange and weird enough, it looks like I am having a good time in the month of November. I won Skyline movie passes from Nuffnang, vouchers from Sentosa and also Haagen Dazs vouchers from Exabytes.

Happy Client Winner October 2010 Daniel

This is a good time to start my day on this boring Monday. Of course one of those that I don’t expect to win was the Exabytes voucher, and all one needed to do was to put a banner or an indication that you’re a happy client under Exabytes (can be seen from the banner on the right).

Of course that does not mean that after winning this, I will stop using Exabytes *evil* but let me tell you about my experience with Exabytes as my web host.

The only hiccup I could ever remember was when there was a downtime and a failure of installation of my blog after I backup the whole thing and reinstalled wordpress due to some security issue on the database side. I got an error halfway installing and I contacted Exabytes through email. Fair enough, I got a reply in the middle of the night. That is what I call super fast reply. The problem was soon solved with the administrator clearing some data that has stopped me from installing an application and everything is fine after that.

So communication wise, I am a Happy Client. Well, so now that I have these Haagen Dazs Ice Cream vouchers, I am sure anyone would also want them. Well, if you still haven’t started hosting your blog or your site, why not try Exabytes. Maybe they might give something special the next time.

If you still ain’t sure, you can try browse through their package below using the banner I posted.

Cheers… only RM9.90 per year and you’re eligible to participate in the Are You A Happy Client competition.

Though one thing that baffles me is even though I have won this, how do I get my vouchers? By post?

PS: This is not a paid post (I wished it were though), writing out of my own free will.

PSS: Of course, I won’t forget writing about the Bali and Philippines trip and yes, will get to that shortly since I would try to jump start my blogging course within these few months for a new 2011.


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