Steamboat Fest

Here I am browsing thru my photo collections once more. I’ve sensed that woah…most of the time I’ve been going around places to eat. Well, practically more into steamboats ^^

Yummy yummy seafood

Appetizing eh?? Well, for those seafood lovers, ya maybe. Some people though are allergic to them. So here’s the final result after eating. I think I ate the most amongst my friends who went with me.

Sorry can’t resist eating lotsa seafood

Well, if you really want to try this place, it’s price is about RM19.90 or was it RM22. Kinda forgotten. Going there on weekdays allows one to sit on the second floor. Not that it is anything special but somehow sitting higher makes the food much nicer. Haha… some kind of crappy logic. Anyway, I wanna go enjoy other kinds of food. Just hope it’s unique.


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  2. Vexper December 26, 2006

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