Save the Sumatran Rhino

Have been drafting this post for awhile. Well, what do you know, suddenly I have an advertisement on saving the Sumatran Rhino brought to you by Nuffnang, well cause I didn’t have it previously.

Sumatran Rhino

Anyway that’s beside the point, being somewhat a nature lover, I think it’s time to talk about the Sumatran Rhino and how it now faces the brink of extinction. Well, we have lots of other creatures that are already extinct. If I am not mistaken, previously there is the dodo bird which is now pretty much unheard of. So do you want the Sumatran Rhino to lose it’s horns and be wiped away from the face of the Earth and never to return.

More Sumatran Rhino

Side note :
Imagine this, humans being wiped away and left only you. It’s like a mental torture. Unless of course if you have one pair of male and female. Hehehe.. okay okay, that’s a different thing.

Why Are They Endangered?
Well, due to man, and being poached for it’s horns, hides and meat for medicinal value. Well, one wonders it was greed that created this. Please stop killing them. Number has dropped to like 300s in the recent Sumatran rhino count.

What Can We Do?
First we need others to be aware of these creatures and do our cause to make the public aware of it. Foremost, since most of us aren’t trained guides and rangers, there’s nothing we can do in the wild. So the main issue is to create public awareness to tell the people to protect the earth’s heritage.

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How Do I Get More Info?
Well, of course, when I was writing this, I basically got the idea from the site behind the advertisement at Save Our Sumatran Rhinos project. Well, you can also view the graphic below to visit the site.

What Do I Get From All This?
Basically I don’t get anything from all this. The only thing I get from writing this stuff is to help preserve wildlife. Yes, I am a PADI certifed diver and thus, I love wildlife and more so marine life. By the way, this is NOT a sponsored post, so I don’t make money out of this. Just doing this out of good will.

What are you waiting for? Maybe you guys can come help preserve the Sumatran Rhinos. If you haven’t written about it yet, why not write about it and help the Rhinos. I did it once for the Turtles.

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