Technical or Outspoken

Ranting with Authority

Authority doesn’t mean power and power doesn’t mean authority. Yes, that’s how the way of the world goes. Sometimes even giving your best or being someone smart doesn’t also shows that one can be in power or even authoritative.

Anyway after talking with a fellow friend, life isn’t fair. When you’re so good but people couldn’t see it, they wouldn’t notice you. Duh…. but then it’s a good point there.

Why?? You’re special and no one else knows what you can do, which makes you a double edged sword, destined to be killed and kill. Why do I say this?

In all things, there are secrets which most of us don’t reveal, and with this secrets we can achieved something which others can’t.

Hmm.. I think I am thinking too much again. Must be the clock. It’s 2:35am, I think that’s why!! Guessed I better get some sleep tonight!


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