Tang Lung Festival

Some say leh, some say lah!! – Phua Chu Kang

Some say Tang Lung Festival, some say Mooncake Festival!! – Daniel

Hahaha!!! Moon cake or Tang Lung festival just past a week ago. So I am late, but of course I was busy with lots of preparation going to different appointments this week! Guessed I really need to sort out my life!

Tang Lung Spook

Yes, that’s my brother up there! He likes to take posing photos, well, learnt from me I guessed! 😛 But he really got an excellent idea to pose with 3 tanglungs (lanterns). Really creative! If only he could have gotten the yellow one, then make it a traffic light tanglung!

But this festival is not all about just tang lung and mooncakes! Yes, it’s the time where people gather together, or families gather together! While some meet up and look at the Moonlight and start being romantic. Haha!! Though I didn’t get to do that! I was busy snapping photos! Besides that means I am still single! LOL

Well, tang lung doesn’t only come in that shape!

Fish Lantern

Here’s the another classic type! Just use wires and painted hard plastic to get a very luminescent lantern. Yes!! It’s a candle in the middle!! Wonder, I missed those times walking on the field when I was young, hopping and walking with lanterns with lots of other kids my age! Well, youth goes and before we knew it, we are in our teens, then moving on to working adults.

Life would be fun as a kid, not much politics. Well, let’s not spoil the mood here! Got to get ready for a wedding dinner tonight! Adios!! Ciao dudes!!


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