TM iTalk is cheaper in August

It’s the new month upcoming and what a better day to celebrate the new month (yes, my birthday is coming also) with a new promotion from TM iTalk. Yay.. double celebration. TM iTalk is cheaper in the month of August, well for those that are using it. Still playing with it when I am overseas, cheaper rather than 3G.

For someone like me who frequently goes to China as part of my travel destination, it sure comes in handy to checkout the cheapest rates, and this time iTalk came in with what’s a bargain.

TM iTalk Cheap August 2010 Rates

The latest bargain for 1st Aug until 15th Aug 2010. Limited time only. Well,imagine this. RM0.08 per call to a mobile and RM0.07 to a fixed line if I am in China. Eh, simply amazing. just 1 cent difference. What’s more amazing is the RM0.07 fixed call rate.

By the way, my birthday is also in August (yeah yeah.. repeat again) and it’s the 3rd day. If you’re still not connected using TMiTalk why not try iTalk Whoa at I am not kidding you. Just go there and you’ll see this new rate.

Advertisement iTalk Whoa August

7 cents/min IDD calls for any fixed line, which is applicable to these 5 countries. See you in my latest travels galore the next time.

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